I took a picture of my mind and heart, and make it into an unimportant poems

Friday, January 14, 2011

Last Puzzle Piece

Ini sebenerenya puisi yang disuruh bikin buat DH Osis/MPK , tapi karena ternyata gua bikinnya bagus *plak* jadi gua posting

Last Puzzle Piece

You are the because for my every why
You are the reason in my every condition
You are Dhurva, the shinnest single star in my eyes
You'll always have the most beautiful palace in my heart
So i wish i could find you there
To make it complete, as the last Puzzle piece

P.s : Kang (mending baca dianya --") , jangan dianggep serius yak, kan disuruhnya gombal, begitu deh jadinya hehe

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